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Project Description

The Tolworth Complex is a holistic masterplan tying together the retrofit of the modernist landmark; Tolworth Tower, with two new buildings, T2 (17-19 storeys) and T3 (13-15 storeys). Both proposed buildings are shorter than that of the refurbished Tolworth Tower which will stand at 22 storeys tall. The new buildings will deliver 238 residential homes, ground floor commercial space and a public plaza.

At the heart of the two buildings is the desire to bring biodiversity and greening into the development. At ground floor a new flexible public pocket plaza is proposed which aims to attract visitors to the retail parade and increase time spent in the area. Its flexibility of use would also have the benefit of improving the cultural and evening offer to further improve and enrich the locality. The residential entrances are located to the rear of the pocket plaza with canopies to protect residents and visitors from the elements. Here a living wall is proposed providing a backdrop which will mitigate noise and air pollution from the busy road.

At second floor level a new private residents’ garden is proposed in place of the existing car parking deck providing a new almost park-like amenity space for the new Tolworth Tower residents. Various spaces allow for a number of different functions and activities to take place and form a heart to the new residential community.  The level 13 and level 17 roof terraces provide intimate gardens for residents.

The two new buildings are designed to create a family of buildings with a coherent DNA.T2 & T3 will be siblings with the Tolworth Tower as parent. By pushing back the northern portion of the buildings away from Tolworth Broadway the primary element of each building expressed in matte off-white ceramic cladding reflects the width of the existing Tolworth Tower. T2 and T3 have been designed and articulated to allow the Tolworth Tower to retain its primacy on the site and respect its iconic status.


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Project team

Structural Engineer: Whitby Wood

Landscape Designer: HED


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