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132 Princes Street

Edinburgh, UK
Hazledene House Ltd


Autumn 2017
Architect / 3DReid
Project Manager / Thomson Gray
Structural Engineer / Acies
M&E Engineer / KJ Tait
Fire Consultant / OFR
Contractor / Sharkey
© David Cadzow

Scottish Design Awards 2018 (Commendation)

Scottish Property Awards 2018, Architectural Excellence Award, Commercial Use (Finalist)


132 Princes Street concerns the conversion and extension of the vacant upper levels of three of the few remaining original townhouses on Edinburgh’s Princes Street, for office use.

132 Princes Street Reconciles a previously ad hoc arrangement of vertical access and escape provision, the scheme includes a contemporary addition of a new primary stair core, serving all levels, coupled with an expansion of the floorplates to the uppermost levels. The properties have a rich history, used as Victorian tearooms, a cinema and a record store, the various traces of which are still present within the built fabric.

This shell and core scheme has sought a ‘de-furb’ aesthetic, with remaining original features of the building exposed, preserved and enhanced, through feature lighting. A complementary industrial language has been established in the look and feel of the new extension and building services, creating a holistic aesthetic throughout.

The scheme introduces a more intensive use of currently vacant upper floorspace, whilst understanding the importance of the context and historic spatial character of the block, thereby forming a precedent for other such accommodation that exists elsewhere on Princes Street.

The contemporary extension to the rear respects the historic grain of the city centre, whilst avoiding pastiche, carefully maintaining the privacy and access to daylight of the surrounding residential properties, whose amenity space it abuts 132 Princes Street.


“132 Princes Street has proved to be a fascinating exercise in unpicking ad hoc and unsympathetic interventions, accrued over many decades. The project represents a new precedent, of how other such vacant upper levels, along Princes Street, could be brought back into use.”

Chris Dobson, Director, 3DReid
Chris Dobson,
Director, 3DReid
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