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Project description

Gurnell is a mixed use development with a series of restrictive site conditions and a need for the commercial aspects of the project to drive and support the provision of community facilities.

This complex project went through a number of iterations due to changes in brief, client, required accommodation mix and the need to present a scheme that generated the required level of income to permit the construction of the local authorities aspirations.
The wider Gurnell development seeks to replace an early 1980s sports centre and create a new facility and landscaped park using the income derived from the residential development of the site to provide funding.

Innovations & added value

The site sits within Metropolitan Open Land, a designation equivalent to green belt. Utilising previously built area, we have designed an inclusive and attractive masterplan that – in addition to a new 50 m pool, leisure pool and gym – will provide high quality amenity space with an outdoor sports focus for the local community, while improving access to the extensive green space found along the River Brent watercourse.

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