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Our portfolio ranges from the latest in Build to Rent developments to intergenerational specialised supported living and everything in between.


We have a comprehensive understanding of the requirements of residential design that gives us the capability to engage planners and key stakeholders, and then to deliver efficient, flexible, highly liveable, durable buildings. We are lucky to be collaborating with some of the most innovative clients in the sector.

Places for People

We have designed homes for the entire range of occupants including families; students; first-time buyers; renters; local authority tenants; luxury homes and residential care and senior living. All have different needs that need to be reflected in the design, but all share the desire and need for a sense of community and place.

Build to Rent

Build to Rent can’t be designed as a one size fits all. There are many influencing factors that make for successful, commercially viable investments. The market has proved far more varied than anticipated and the mixed demographic of renters means buildings need to work harder to facilitate the needs and aspirations of their tenants.

Our clients place different priorities on the fundamental principles that shape their brand. Our support occurs at the very beginning of that journey, helping clients define what differentiates them in this increasingly busy market and helping them realise those aspirations, through the spatial design and specification of finishes that become synonymous with their brand.

Family Homes

Successful developments have a range of typologies and increasingly we are seeing developments including build to rent that provide family homes. Millbrook Park adjacent had several different typologies of house to create variety of layout and look to the development.

Student Accommodation

With more than 20 years experience designing and delivering student residential projects across the UK, working with both Universities and developers, we have the capability to engage Planners and key stakeholders, to deliver efficient, flexible, durable buildings and create accommodation which enhances the student’s experience of university life.

By combining our architectural and interior design capabilities we are able to deliver residences that are robust, inspirational and create communal spaces that become the heart of these new communities.

Residential Care Homes

Retirement housing traditionally set residents apart from their broader communities on edge of town or suburban sites, but now they are being brought back into the urban mix.

We need to be providing housing for the elderly that is designed to enable people to lead less isolated and better supported lives. We have built traditional care homes but are also challenging the model as shown in the inter-generational development Craigmillar adjacent, which combines dementia patients and students in a symbiotic community that both stimulates and teaches care and compassion.

Affordable Homes

Increasingly affordable homes are provided as part of larger mixed-use regeneration housing schemes.

We are dedicated to providing high-quality homes that promote pride and care and sit firmly at the heart of a larger housing development, ensuring integration; communal amenity and practicality are inherent within their design.

Understanding the specific requirements of both tenants and managing social landlords is key to designing successful affordable housing that is desirable and cost effective to build and maintain.

Luxury Living

We have designed a number of high value homes and serviced apartments. We understand the need for quality finishes and services to achieve a level of comfort and style that will achieve top market value for our clients.

Designing in Context

Many sites call for creativity within constraints such as planning restrictions; conservation; historical fabric and structural implications.

Our rigorous workshop process challenges the brief and analyses the potential of a site to achieve maximum value and flexibility for a development. This process can be expanded to an in-depth analysis of a district in its context, including widespread stakeholder consultation.

Mixed-use Developments

As multi-sector experts we understand all the elements that make up a mixed use development. Schemes need to be flexible to allow for cultural and economic changes.

Concepts must provide a framework for a variety of uses, new place-making and enhanced connections.

Refurbish / Repurpose / Reimagine

With increasing tension building between construction’s considerable contribution to carbon emissions couple with an ever growing need for new homes, we need to be re-using our existing structures where possible.

Working with existing buildings and sites to unlock their potential is the most sustainable form of architecture. Looking for opportunities to create new spaces can uncover hidden characteristics of the building that become integral to the design. Whether looking to increase floor heights through exposing services or re-branding a building through a new arrivals experience, refurbishment projects provide new challenges that are worked through to create unique solutions.

Residential over Retail

An increasing number of our retail and fund clients are struggling with outdated, but well located shopping centre and retail park assets.

With rental income dropping and increasing numbers of void units, owners are being forced into considering what alternatives they have.

3DReid is currently assisting several clients with reviewing the redevelopment potential of a range of assets across the country, from dilapidated retail parks to city centre department stores and shopping centres.

Towering Ambition

Efficient tower design requires creativity and innovation. The visual impact of a high-rise has to be balanced by the opportunities it can bring to a community, with mixed-use schemes creating activation at ground level and enhancing the sense of place and identity of a scheme.

The environmental impact of a tower has to be considered in terms of materiality, solar, wind and construction method. A well designed tower has enough flexibility to ensure it will be adaptable to future living requirements and becomes an icon in its own right.

“Understanding the impact of residential efficiencies enables us to provide a more considered approach to the way people live now and in the future, ensuring the spaces we create contribute to the development of a community and a sense of place.”

Richard Fairhead, Director & Head of Residential, 3DReid
Richard Fairhead,
Director & Head of Residential, 3DReid
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