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XPO Logistics, Newarthill

Motherwell, UK
XPO Logistics

Planning submitted

Industry & Technology
2021 - Present
Architect / 3DReid
Planning / JLL
Structural Engineer / Wardell Armstrong
MEP Engineer / DSSR
BREEAM Assessor / DSSR
De-carbonisation Advisor / DSSR
Ecologist / EnviroCentre
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A new £40 million XPO logistics hub delivering a 100% carbon neutral facility and addressing increasing e-commerce demands.

Proposed 300,000sqft logistics hub, situated within Green Belt land. XPO Logistics aim to give something back to the community via ecological enhancements to the existing shrub land.

The development will address a market-proven requirement for large-scale warehousing facilities in the region, as well as delivering biodiversity enhancement measures over the more than 40-acre site, which adjoins the company’s existing transport hub.

XPO is also aspiring to achieve net zero carbon for operational energy. This will be achieved through creative building design measures and the introduction of low and zero carbon technologies such as roof-mounted solar panels.

Currently navigating through the planning process, undertaking significant engagement with the local authority, community groups, councillors and politicians.


This is a challenging project due to the sensitive nature of the proposed development site.

XPO is an ambitious client who are keen to give something back to the local community. We have developed a proposal which delivers the clients requirements within an infill area of land and developed an ecological strategy for the remainder of the site which helps to increase biodiversity and maintain a green corridor to the edge of the industrial context.

“The exciting development will provide significant benefits to the local community, with this investment of c. £40 million creating almost 500 net new jobs, delivering a 100 per cent carbon neutral facility and addressing increasing e-commerce demands.”

XPO Logistics
XPO Logistics
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