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The World of Glass, St Helens

Liverpool, UK
Hotties Arts & Science Centre Ltd

Completed 2000

Culture & Community
Architect / 3DReid

2002 English Tourism Council Award – Best Small Visitor Attraction

2002 Merseyside District – Best Visitor Centre

2001 Brick Award for Structural Brickwork


The World of Glass project included the restoration of the original Grade II Listed kilns, once used to manufacture the latest developments in ‘float’ glass.

To finance the scheme, we were instrumental in putting together an application to the Heritage Lottery Fund, which granted £8,385,000. The museum has become not only a local landmark, but a key community hub providing learning; connection and creative innovation for a wide range of public and private organisations. The reclaimed space within the centre of the development has become a welcome canalside oasis in the middle of the town and a space for reflection for visitors and neighbours alike.


The original brick cone chimney has been recreated at the front of the development to create a strong local landmark and entrance experience for visitors to the museum.

Live glass blowing demonstrations are housed within a 150 seater auditorium.

Contrast between the solidity of the brickwork and transparency of the glazing brings visual balance to the mass.

Works to improve the public realm around the cleaned up canal has encouraged local anglers to readopt the space.

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