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Project description

Masterplan, 12,000,000 ft2 development area, with offices, serviced apartments, hotel, institutional and retail units.

Innovations & added value

Petaling Jaya (PJ) is a city contiguous with Kuala Lumpur, locally governed, with its own urban character and development history. Our masterplan aims to provide Petaling Jaya with a new, high quality, well-connected business hub. It achieves a very high density while generating significant new green space – a new public park – and retains one of Petaling Jaya’s oldest buildings as a historic landmark. The key feature of the masterplan is the placement of all parking below grade, greatly enhancing street level permeability and the quality of new placemaking. The high rise elements of the masterplan have been given defined development parameters, shaped as a group to integrate with the KL skyline but with visual presence. Links to public transport were emphasised, and allowance made for the integration of planned extensions to Kuala Lumpur’s commuter rail system. The masterplan also features a district cooling system, discretely integrated into the landscape at the site perimeter.


Consented | Development Order (DO) granted

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