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Project description

Upgrade of an existing, previously converted, B-listed former church hall, situated at the heart of Edinburgh’s World Heritage Site, into a contemporary shell and core office space.

Innovations & added value

The building has been stripped back to reveal and enhance original features, whilst removing outdated suspended ceilings, services and associated linings to expose the subsequently introduced structure. This has the advantages of maximising floor-ceiling heights throughout, whilst providing the space with a more current ‘de-furbished’ aesthetic, in keeping with market trends.

The opening up of the roof space and exposing of the original structural elements creates a high value workspace area, where previously a very compromised and inadequate mezzanine space existed, maximising potential rental income, for the Client.

Further to completion, the building has been occupied in its entirety by design agency, Whitespace (their fit-out by others)

Awards Won

2017 BCO Fit out of Workplace – Scotland (winner)


Completed 2015

Interior Design Collaborators

HKSD, Whitespace and Scotwood Interiors

Offices | Retrofit & Sustainability

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