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Gapurna (PJ Sentral Development Sdn Bhd)

Project description

The Malaysia Building Society Berhad (MBSB) is the first occupier of the PJ Sentral development, with a requirement for a 320,000 ft2 headquarters office building to house a range of business functions while offering retail banking facilities at the lower levels. An unusual challenge of the brief was the inclusion of a large auditorium within the stack of open plan office floorplates. This led to a solution where the building’s main core was offset to one side with structural clear spans to the balance of the accommodation. To exploit the transparency offered by this structural solution, we proposed clear floor to ceiling glazing throughout, with a single large sun shade to the perimeter of each floor to mitigate solar gain. Taking advantage of Malaysia’s benign tropical climate (comparable with Florida) the secondary circulation was planned as external un-conditioned space, with structural elements such as stair flights themselves making a contribution to the shading. Parking is all planned below grade, served by a secondary lift core which interchanges with the main lift group at lobby level. The building is served by the PJ Sentral district cooling system, eliminating the requirement for significant plant provision at roof level and further lightening the appearance of the building.

Innovations & added value

BIM coordinated project with LEED and GBI Gold ratings.




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