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Project description

This proposal replaces largely redundant office buildings and data centres within the site of the historic East India Dock, with a vibrant new private rented sector based regeneration scheme that provides London with over 1,300 much needed new homes, 25% of which will be affordable. The scheme also includes a new urban park, workplaces and retail and leisure uses.

Innovations & added value

Homes are designed to Code for Sustainable Homes Level 4 and include biodiversity green roofs, bird and bat boxes to encourage flora and fauna to flourish in the new development. Cycle storage for 1,600 bikes is provided.

The scheme is designed in a series of levels or strata that reflect the historic; local and contemporary scales and the detail and materiality of the buildings. A generously proportioned arcade reflects the historic level and relates to the height of the dock wall and frames the park and public realm, whilst the local level, from 6 to 15 storeys responds to existing and emerging buildings and reflects surrounding consented parameters. The contemporary level is embodied in four towers at each corner of the site and responds to the growing cluster of tall buildings in the immediate locality. Detailing of all buildings is crisp, with integrated or projecting balconies and a mix of shades of brick on the facades to disperse the visual impact from farther vantage points. The materials vary across the site to provide distinct visual mix and improve wayfinding. The core materials are brick and pre-cast stone, building on a developing London vernacular, varying in tone from clay to sand and granite shades to mirror the spices that flowed into the docks.


In planning

“There are no precedents for a PRS development of this scale. The scheme is high-density, so careful attention to daylight, sunlight, wind and views has been made to ensure the overall environmental quality for residents is desirable. Designing a masterplan and detailed initial phases of such a large scheme requires a delicate balance of scale and sensitivity. The design for East India Dock is defined by its history, physical form and geography. It is our aim to create a welcoming and safe environment for residents and visitors that has hints of the rich and vibrant heritage of the site and sets a high benchmark for future rental developments.” Neil Sterling, Divisional Director, 3DReid

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