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Retail & Leisure

Retail has been the backbone of our practice since our inception. We have established a strong reputation in delivering major retail and leisure destinations in the UK and now work for many of the major operators and tenants.


From food retail to large mixed-use town centre regeneration, our retail portfolio demonstrates a keen understanding of the consumer and how to maximise footfall, dwell times and spend per head.

Building Brands

Brand architecture should be both distinctive and adaptable to the site and context. We have worked with numerous landlords and brands across diverse sites to create buildings that embody the style and ethos of the brand.

Treading Lightly

Where new buildings are required, we positively encourage our clients to consider the whole life-cycle of the building, beyond the intended use, designing in adaptability that allows buildings to flex to suit new demands over time. This may be changes in use; mix; scale or operation.

Conserving Character

We have worked on sensitive sites from conservation areas, to listed buildings to world heritage sites and have the ability to create solutions that not only respect the surrounding environment but further enhance it.

Remodelling Assets

3DReid has remodelled and rationalised numerous shopping centres in and out of town. By bringing light, flow, character and enhancing public spaces we have increased the value of outdated assets.

Residential over Retail

An increasing number of our retail and fund clients are struggling with outdated, but well located shopping centre and retail park assets.

With rental income dropping and increasing numbers of void units, owners are being forced into considering what alternatives they have.

3DReid is currently assisting several clients with reviewing the redevelopment potential of a range of assets across the country, from dilapidated retail parks to city centre department stores and shopping centres.

“Successful retail and leisure design is about creating positive experiences and memories that encourages repeat visits and referrals. This is possibly the most dynamic and resilient of sectors, able to adapt to constantly changing consumer demands and emerging trends.”

Tom Robinson, Associate Director, 3DReid
Tom Robinson,
Associate Director, 3DReid
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