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Our Sectors

Aviation & Rail

Our experience of Aviation & Rail design stretches back over 25 years and covers a comprehensive portfolio.

Our UK Aviation experience covers airports across the country, from Aberdeen to Southampton, and includes regional airports, executive terminals and hubs. Globally we have worked across a number of major airports and FBO’s in Brazil, the US, Gibraltar, Antigua, the Maldives and Abu Dhabi.


We masterplan and design all aspects of an airfield’s operation, from logistics and operational buildings to new passenger terminals and aircraft hangars. We have established a strong reputation for terminal refurbishments, building a portfolio of complex projects that enhance the passenger experience.

Terminals and FBO’s

Our experience of Business Aviation Terminal design stretches back over 20 years and covers a comprehensive portfolio of FBO facilities within the UK and Gibraltar and internationally at Sao Paulo, Dallas and the Maldives. We work closely with clients to develop designs that are truly unique and reflect brand aspirations.

Lounges and Interiors

The secret to a successful environment lies in the look and feel of the spaces, from the first impressions set upon arrival to the everyday functional areas.

Going beyond interior design to create a sense of well-being requires a command of spatial design combined with a thorough understanding of the customer base.

Operational Facilities

3DReid has established a reputation as a leading designer of Air Traffic Control Towers, creating a series of sculptural forms that combine optimal area efficiency with iconic architectural design.

At Farnborough, the integration of the 35m tower and support building was resolved by using a seamless brushed aluminium skin as a cloak, and extruding it up the stem of the tower before flaring outwards to support the VCR.

Edinburgh Airport’s 57m high air traffic control tower combines the base and shaft to make a single hourglass-shaped building, setting a new benchmark for control tower design and construction.


Our involvement in hangar design covers a comprehensive portfolio to accommodate and service all ranges of aircraft, from light turbo prop’s to A380’s.

Our experience derives from an in-depth understanding of airfield operations and strong technical knowledge of the aircraft maintenance requirements. Our previous hangar projects include stand-alone and multi-bay hangars as well as mixed-mode buildings that include terminal facilities and FBO operations.

We have conducted extensive research into obtaining the optimum efficiency of hangar structures, the findings of which continue to influence our design decisions today. Our designs range from simple rectilinear boxes to expressive ‘A’ frame sections for large span structures, as used at the award winning Farnborough Airport.

Our long track record in all types of hangar design allows us to quickly determine, based on site constraints, aircraft and facility requirements, the most appropriate economic and efficient solution for the client.

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