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Plans submitted for Mosspark Boulevard in Glasgow

  • 23rd Jul 2021
  • |  News
  • |  Sarah Watt
Plans submitted for Mosspark Boulevard in Glasgow Banner

Southside Housing Association has submitted plans for Mosspark Boulevard in Glasgow. A proposed redevelopment of the former United Reformed Church Site on Mosspark Boulevard with a proposed affordable housing development comprising of 35 homes for social rent and associated amenity space.

Southside Housing Association is a registered social landlord providing housing and a range of other services across the Southside of Glasgow. Over the years Southside HA have developed and expanded the range of services they provide to local communities but their core mission has always been to provide warm, secure, and affordable housing.

The proposal considers pedestrian and cycle routes, and city-wide sustainable transport strategies. The new homes designed for this scheme will provide high quality living as set out in the Design Schedule for Affordable Housing in Glasgow. The mix includes 1, 2 and 3 bed flats, including 10% adaptable standard accommodation.

The materiality of the proposed residential block responds to the local architectural character of the area. The significant characteristic of the tenement blocks in Glasgow is the differentiation between the front and rear façades. The proposal draws from the local tenement materiality with a red brick street facade, and lighter internal courtyard masonry. Both proposed materials are of equally high quality, and represent a shift in architectural language. The white brick providing more light for the rooms facing the courtyard, whilst also marking the switch between the public and private amenity spaces.

“We are pleased to bring forward to planning our proposals for the site of the former Mosspark United Reformed Church.”
Margaret McIntyre,
Chairperson, Southside Housing Association

The language of the historic tenement is also manifest through the inclusion of bay-windows, bringing generous of light and amenity into the apartments, the pairing of the bays also complimenting the urban grain of the surrounding street space. The courtyard space also features a contemporary ‘bay’, used to overcome overlooking issues, whilst providing characterful moments within the dwellings themselves.

Margaret McIntyre, Chairperson, Southside Housing Association commented: “Offering high quality housing in a sustainable and well-connected location and with close proximity to key areas of local amenity, such as Bellahouston Park and the area’s local centre, the development will provide comfortable and attractive homes, well positioned to form a strong community whilst meeting local housing need for young families and the elderly alike, through the provision of adaptable dwellings.“

Ruta Turcinaviciute, Project Designer at 3DReid commented: “We have been working with Southside Housing Association and Glasgow City Council since 2015 to deliver an affordable housing scheme on this very complex site. The planning application marks a significant step for the project after such a long design development process. We hope that our proposal will create high-quality social rent homes in the area and contribute to the wider community.”

The project will follow Option 1 Gold Hybrid standard of sustainability which requires Gold Level for Aspect 1 of Section 7 and Silver Active Level for Aspects 2 to 8. The development also provides minimum of 20% CO2 Emission abatement via Low and Zero Carbon Technology. The residential dwellings utilise Mechanical ventilation incorporating heat recovery (MVHR). Heat distribution is sourced from a communal ASHP system via an ambient loop and will provide heat to radiators and domestic hot water. This combined approach is an efficient method of reducing energy consumption within a dwelling and helps mitigate any overheating issues by increasing the number of background air changes. No mechanical cooling provision will be installed as part of the residential scheme. The apartments will also feature openable windows, allowing full control for their occupants.

It is hoped that the new use, proposed for the site, presents a valuable addition to the surrounding community. The wider social benefits further cemented by the housing offer, which seeks to contribute to the significant demands for such accommodation that presently exists within the area and the wider city.

Project team

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