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Euston Station Transformation

  • 4th Apr 2019
  • |  Projects
  • |  Izzy Watson
3DReid Euston Station Transformation

3DReid is working with Network Rail and Skanska to make passenger flow smoother through Euston Station.

Euston’s 1960s-built concourse handles many more passengers per week than it was originally designed for, and with demand for rail travel increasing it must now be updated.

Retail units will be removed, and staircases will be updated to ensure customers can get between trains and the concourse quickly and safely. Passenger flows are being rationalised to reduce crossflows and a new outside entrance for the London Underground is being built.

Joe Hendry, station manager at London Euston, said: “Euston is going through a real transformation, giving one of the capital’s major transport hubs some much-needed attention.”

Euston Station Transformation

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