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Victorian mill found on site

  • 1st Dec 2015
  • |  News
  • |  Graham Hickson-Smith
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The remains of a Victorian mill and glue factory have been found on the site of our new student accommodation project in Edinburgh’s historic Gorgie area. The J&G Cox mills and glue factory operated on the site from the late 18th through to mid-20th century.

The discovery has assisted local archaeologists understand better the fabric and workings of these mills. The excavations have uncovered evidence of a complex of buildings and kilns on the site including well-preserved tanning pits that would have been used to convert animal carcases into glue when the site operated as a glue factory and elements of  earlier mill buildings such as kilns and cobbled yards.

Our plans for the site include a mixed-use development including a 256 bed student residence, retail and offices.

3DReid Victorian mill found on site

Initial concept sketch of proposed scheme.

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