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The Lee Harris Bursary Awarded to Amelia Terry

  • 8th Jul 2024
  • |  News
  • |  Sophie Phillips
3DReid | The Lee Harris Bursary Awarded to Amelia Terry

Sunday 7th July marked the 19th anniversary of the devastating London Bombings that took place in 2005. 3DReid lost not only a very talented colleague, but our friend, Lee Harris and his girlfriend, Sam Badham in the tragic attack.

To commemorate their passing, 3DReid created the Lee Harris Bursary. Inspired by Lee’s passion for photography, travel and architecture, the bursary was established the following year, to provide the younger designers at 3DReid with the chance to travel anywhere in the world and explore their architectural interests. On their return, we host a special evening at our London studio, where we gather with Lee’s wonderful family to listen to the designer’s experiences.

This year, the bursary has been awarded to Amelia Terry for her submission ‘Modernisation at a Cost: Japan’s Vanishing Architectural Heritage’. Amelia will be visiting Tokyo and Kyoto to understand how Japan is balancing modern urbanisation with the preservation of its rich architectural legacy, or whether it’s leading towards a homogenised urban landscape.

We’re looking forward to hearing about Amelia’s travels following her visit to Japan in September and gathering together with Lee’s family to honour his legacy.

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