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RSA Annual Exhibition 2022

  • 12th Apr 2022
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  • |  Sarah Watt
RSA Annual Exhibition 2022 Banner

Mosspark Boulevard for Southside Housing Association has been preselected for the RSA Open Architecture Exhibition returning once again this spring as part of the 196th RSA Annual Exhibition.

3DReid submitted a triptych depicting proposal for a new affordable housing development in South-West Glasgow comprising 35 homes and associated amenity space as part of a proposed redevelopment of the former United Reformed Church Site on Mosspark Boulevard. It is hoped that the new use, proposed for the site, presents a valuable addition to the surrounding community. The wider social benefits further cemented by the housing offer, seeks to contribute to the significant demands for such accommodation that presently exists within the area and the city of Glasgow.

The materiality of the proposed residential block responds to the local architectural character of the area. One of the key features of traditional Glasgow tenement blocks is the differentiation between the ordered front and more irregular rear façades. In reference to this, the proposal draws from the local tenement materiality with a red brick street facade adorned with bay windows, and a lighter brick internal courtyard. The white brick provides more light for the rooms facing the courtyard, whilst also marking the switch between the public and private spaces. The inclusion of bay-windows, brings generous amounts of light and amenity into the apartments, while the pairing of the bays also complements the urban grain of the surrounding street space.

The exhibition showcases a diverse range of contemporary art and architecture from our Royal Scottish Academicians, plus artists and architects, carefully selected from online open submissions.

The Open Architecture element aims to highlight some of the most interesting current architectural practices across Scotland and beyond.

“We are thrilled to have our work pre-selected for the Royal Scottish Academy’s Annual Exhibition. It is a great opportunity to showcase our work alongside incredibly talented Scottish artists and architects.”
Ruta Turcinaviciute,
Architectural Designer for 3DReid

Royal Scottish Academy Annual Exhibition 2022

Exhibition Dates: 23 April – 12 June 2022

Opening Times:

Monday to Saturday 10-5pm, Sunday 12-5pm
RSA Upper & Lower Galleries
Free Entry

More information:


Image 1: Mosspark Boulevard Courtyard view towards the Green Space in the East
Image 2: Mosspark Boulevard Courtyard view towards the Green Space in the East
Image 3: Mosspark Boulevard Approach from the East on Ladybank Drive

3D visualisations of the proposed Mosspark Boulevard in Glasgow © 3DReid

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