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Lee Harris Bursary 2018

  • 12th Nov 2018
  • |  News
  • |  Izzy Watson
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The Lee Harris Bursary commemorates a talented colleague and his girlfriend Sam who were tragically killed in the 2005 London Bombings. Inspired by Lee’s love of photography, travel and architecture, the bursary provides an opportunity for members of staff to explore their architectural passions.

This year Part II student Season Tse was awarded the prize and the opportunity to revisit aspects of her 2015 1st Year Masters project by travelling through Japan to explore the devastating effects of the 2011 Tsunami. Season’s presentation and storytelling brought to life the devastation and the extraordinary resilience of the local communities, by exploring the architectural and community based initiatives being undertaken to rebuild both the towns and their lives.

Season Tse – Life Behind the Seawall

In an evening presentation to our London office and Lee’s parents, Season took us on a journey to the towns and cities most affected by the tsunami and its after-effects, as well as the people she met.

Lee Harris Bursary 2018 1


Season focused on five locations near the Epicentre; Rikuzentakata, Kessenuma, Ishinomaki, Nobiru and Sendai.

She highlighted the devastation to infrastucture, architecture and people, showcasing some of the government reconstruction projects such as sea walls, as well as smaller local initiatives that are designing the future and commemorating the past for their communities.

Lee Harris Bursary 2018 3


A Snapshot of the Presentation, clockwise from top left; Nobiru – The new Shiritsu Miyanomorisho School (Forest Elementary School); Ishinomaki – Keep up the spirit! memorial sign to boost morale; Kesennuma  – Kakehashi Guesthouse welcoming volunteers in the aftermath rebuilding: Rikuzentakata – Sea Wall defence and its impact on homes.

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