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3DReid Promotions

  • 15th Jan 2024
  • |  Insights
3DReid Promotions

We are delighted to announce six leadership team promotions to Director.

Andrew Marshall and Doug Pearson in the Edinburgh studio, Jen Samuel, Kevin Langan and Mark Lorimer in the Glasgow studio and Armelle Munoz in the Birmingham studio have all been promoted to the position of Director.

These promotions reflect their valued contribution as long-standing members of the team and the roles that each of them undertakes in the strategic growth plan for the practice.

Andrew Marshall, Director: “Progressing through the practice from fresh university graduate to Director is an achievement I am very proud of. My time at 3DReid has seen plenty of change, including the 2007 merger, however a constant during this time has been my enjoyment in the day to day. I’m so fortunate to work with some exceptional people and together with our great clients, this continues to feed my enthusiasm for the future. In this new role, I’ll continue to operate across a number of sectors, both in Scotland and across the wider business, working hard to remain proud of our architectural output.”

Doug Pearson, Director: “I am thrilled about my recent promotion to the role of Director and am eager to embrace the new challenges it entails especially leading our Hospitality sector with Jen. Specifically, I am excited about the ongoing work on the Jenners project in Edinburgh, as it holds great promise for hospitality and retail sectors in Edinburgh.”

Jen Samuel, Director: “Having joined 3DReid as a student over 20 years ago, I’m both honoured and excited to be newly promoted to the role of Director. I look forward to contributing to the continued success and growth of the practice, particularly within the Hospitality sector in which I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with a number of wonderful clients and consultants over the past decade. Working alongside the talented and passionate team within our Glasgow Studio and beyond, we have shaped a practice which focuses not only on creating world-class architecture and interiors, but also on those who work so enthusiastically to bring it to life, and I look forward to continuing this ever-evolving journey with them in 2024 and beyond.”

Kevin Langan, Director, 3DReid: “I am extremely proud to be promoted to the position of Director and wish to express my gratitude for the privilege of collaborating with highly skilled and diligent colleagues over the past 18 years within our Glasgow Studio and throughout the broader practice. Engaging in collaborative workshops to address intricate challenges, exchanging ideas with like-minded creatives, and benefiting from the expertise of our in-house sector specialists have cumulatively built an environment that promotes both personal growth and high-quality architecture. I look forward to being part of the continued success of 3DReid as we move into 2024.”

Mark Lorimer, Director: “Over two decades at 3DReid has been an amazing journey, and my recent promotion to Director fills me with a renewed excitement and enthusiasm for the next 20 years. I am looking forward to playing my part in the future of 3DReid and continuing our commitment to innovative design, Architectural excellence, and fostering a dynamic and rewarding Architectural team who people enjoy working with.”

Armelle Munoz, Director: “I am pleased to say that I have been promoted to Director at 3DReid. I have been fortunate to work on a number of exciting projects over the years and build incredible relationships with our clients.”

Join us in congratulating our new Directors on their well-deserved promotions.

We have also welcomed new team members across all regions. We’re always looking for enthusiastic and talented people to join our team. If you are interested in joining 3DReid, please visit our careers page.

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