3DReid has achieved planning consent for a high rise residential-led development to the south of the Canary Wharf cluster, for client Meadow Partners.

Providing 319 new dwellings, the 30 and 26 storey apartment towers at 49-59 Millharbour have been designed to maximise views and daylight for residents whilst ensuring calm environmental conditions at street level. Providing an active frontage for pedestrians and cyclists, each building features an angled podium containing a range of public-facing uses, including shops and cafes, a wine bar and a 50 pupil nursery alongside extensive public realm featuring a high quality landscape design by Exterior Architecture.

Together, the buildings frame and redefine Pepper Street, which is part of the Tower Hamlets Green Grid and a key cross-peninsula route linking both sides of the dock.

Associate Director at 3DReid, Charlie Whitaker explained  “A high level of daylight performance was a key project aim and a main driver in the selection of the massing solution. The use of repeated testing from early design stages allows all of the new dwellings to enjoy high levels of daylight without compromising carbon reduction targets. For the towers, high quality masonry and bronze metal elevations on all sides were extensively articulated to create a distinctive presence within the local context whilst consolidating the local townscape.”

“Working closely with Meadow Partners, Tower Hamlets and GLA officers, and the consultant team, 49-59 Millharbour has brought us an interesting and challenging mixed use and urban design brief and we are delighted to secure this consent and approval to develop the scheme to construction.” Mark Taylor, Chief Executive at 3DReid added.

The consent was granted following appeal in December 2018. Planning Inspector Paul Jackson, in his decision, described the proposal as “well designed [and] of a high quality”.  noting that the scheme would “be part of an emerging Millwall Inner Dock Cluster”.

The project is expected to start on site this year.

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