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3DReid Lee Harris Bursary 2021 – Werkbund inspired

  • 15th Nov 2021
  • |  Insights
  • |  Izzy Watson
3DReid Lee Harris Bursary 2021 – Werkbund inspired

Piotr Kaczynski, awarded our 3DReid Lee Harris Bursary 2021, presented his photos and findings to our London studio last week.

Piotr’s visit took in a selection of the Werkbund-inspired estates designed in the 1920s & 1930s:

Osada Baba (1932) – Prague, CZ
Kolonie Nový dům (1928) – Brno, CZ
Werkbundsiedlung – Vienna (1932), AT
Weissenhofsiedlung – Stuttgart (1927), DE

Before moving to London & joining 3DReid Piotr was living in Wroclaw, Poland, the location of one of these exhibitions (Wohnungs- und Werkraumausstellung (WuWa) back in 1929, when the city was part of Germany). Knowing the history of Wuwa – he was always curious what other estates were like.

Modernists faced the poor quality of housing from XIXth century and were under the influence of the Great War, influzenza pandemic & were facing ever-growing cases of tuberculosis. Nowadays – we might be in a different place – but we have again faced a great pandemic and realized how important the living environment is for both physical & mental health. Additionally, as back then – architecture is facing a new change/shift to more sustainable goals. Piotr was inspired to review this previous transformation now, when we are on the precipice of a new, green era.

Piotr took us with him on a journey of his experiences, memories, thoughts, new books and hundreds of pictures – not only from the estates but also from the cities they are located in. We are pleased to share some of those photos with you too.

The Lee Harris Bursary commemorates a talented colleague and his girlfriend Sam who were tragically killed in the 2005 London Bombings. Inspired by Lee’s love of photography, travel and architecture, the bursary provides an opportunity for members of staff to explore their architectural passions.
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