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KSL Partners

Project description

Famed as a four-time Ryder Cup venue, The Belfry Resort was slated for demolition by the previous owners in 2006 and had been suffering from a complete lack of investment since.

Working closely with new owners KSL Capital Partners and operator DeVere, 3DReid led a comprehensive reconfiguration and renovation program which has re-positioned the resort as one of Europe’s premier golf and conference destinations worthy of The Belfry’s reputation and KSL Capital’s first UK property.

3DReid led the architectural design; site feasibility; concept design; design development; production information; interior design delivery.

Innovations & added value

A complete overhaul of all bedroom stock into modern, amenity filled rooms alongside the creation of new suite accommodation within the historic ivy covered stables building. Reinvention of the resort’s F&B offer including flipping the locations of bar and restaurant to create a new theatre kitchen grill with views over the golf course, a grand lobby bar as the new heart of the hotel as well as a new golf clubhouse sports bar. Consolidation of back-of-house areas has released under-utilised real estate to revenue generating space and a new arrivals landscape has been created for form a suitably grand arrival.

Interior Designers

Greyline Design (Interior design by Scott Torrance while at Greyline)




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